Definition of Cookies

When you visit our site, cookies are stored on your platform. A cookie is a small text file with information that is automatically saved on your browser to recognize your platform the next time you visit again.


We do not save any personal information in our cookies. If you do not want any cookies, you can arrange it in the settings of your browser.


Almost all websites use cookies today. Cookies are widely used to improve the user experience for the visitor.


How do we use cookies?

There are time-specific cookies that are saved for a longer period of time and remain between the times you visit the website.


Then there are session cookies that are saved only while you are on the website, they are thus deleted when you close the browser.


We use both here on our site. We also use cookies to be able to adapt information and make our marketing as relevant as possible to you.


No cookies please!

If you do not want any cookies, you can set it in your browser via settings. However, it may mean that you can still view pages but they may behave unexpectedly strangely.


You can set it so that you automatically refuse the storage of cookies or that you are informed every time a website requests to store cookies on your computer. Read more about it in your browser's help pages.


Third-party cookies

We use Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Ads and Hotjar, which also set cookies. This is to get an idea of how our visitors use the website and for our marketing.


These cookies also do not contain identifying information about who you as a visitor are.